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Job Retention Scheme Compliance Letters  

In our Update from 21st August 2020 we advised on how to deal with overclaimed grants made through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS). We now understand that HMRC is sending out its first batch of compliance letters asking beneficiaries of the scheme who HMRC believe have made unfounded claims - either deliberately or in error - to provide more details of their claims. Failure to be able to substantiate a claim is likely to lead to penalties being imposed by HMRC or, at the very least, a requirement to pay back any overclaimed amounts. 

If you receive one of these letters and would like our assistance please forward the letter to us and we will work with you to respond. Whilst we haven’t levied a charge for calculating and filing the furlough claims for our clients we will make a charge, which we will agree in advance, for dealing with the response.

Again, if you have not yet received a compliance letter but believe that you may have been the recipient of overclaimed amounts under the CJRS please review our 21st August 2020 Update and contact HMRC to deal with this.

For more information, support and advice in relation to the measures available to support businesses contact us on 01942 760500 or e-mail


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