Margaret and Clare get cold, tired and probably wet for The Brick

You might have heard of the Brick, a Wigan-based charity which supports the homeless, those in poverty or facing debt crisis. It provides a safe, solid building block for people in crisis to begin to construct a new life and become valuable members of society.

As part of their fundraising, and in order to draw attention to the difficulties faced by those finding themselves homeless, The Brick organises an annual StreetSleep. So on the night of 17th March, Margaret and Clare will be in Wigan in their sleeping bags hoping to help raise funds and publicity for the Charity. We know it won’t be the same as really being homeless. After all, come Saturday morning, we’ll go back to a hot bath and a catch up on our sleep. But the event highlights the charity and the help it provides.

We’d be very grateful for any donations received and if you’d like to sponsor us, you can follow the link at or

You might wonder what the rest of The HullJady team will be up to that night. They have an alternative engagement at Graham’s send-off party but they’ve promised to visit our sleeping bags to offer us moral and financial support.

If you can make a donation, we’d be very grateful.