"We know everything about blast-cleaning but we don't want to have to think about accounts and payroll as well"

Blastclean Ltd - David Avery & George Dowler

Our client wanted a solution that would let them focus on their customers rather than accounts They chose to collaborate with HullJady

The directors are happy to keep some accounting records themselves but didn’t want to learn about payroll. We use “Collaborate” to make sure the company does what it needs in a cost-effective way.
David and George use accounting software to send sales invoices out and keep a track of their expense invoices but they’ve got enough to do without maintaining the books. They need to pay themselves tax- effectively but don’t want to learn about how to keep complete accounts and payroll records.
With “Collaborate” we update the accounting records for them and carry out a thorough review of their financial affairs to make sure they’re still using the right strategies. We keep all of their payroll records too so they never need to worry that things aren’t being filed on time. We understand that the directors want to keep their accountancy costs down and are helping them implement a more modern accounting program that will help them to do that.



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