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Why outsource to us?

Payroll processing, administration and management is a mandatory and integral part of any business which has employees and as with many of the essential functions that businesses are required to carry out it is becoming more and more involved as the need to provide greater and more detailed information to the authorities increases. 

Most business owners aren't payroll specialists (nor do they want to become one!) so rather than spending an ever increasing amount of time and effort on something which doesn't grow your business why not outsource it to the specialist payroll team at HullJady, ensuring compliance with all legislation, reducing the potential for errors and freeing up that time and effort to do something which does grow your business!

Our services

We provide a full service payroll function with a dedicated, named contact, covering all aspects of PAYE and which is tailored to your exact needs. We operate a variable fee structure so that you aren't paying for things you don't need or want, which provides inclusive unlimited support. 

We use state of the art software which is always updated to be in tune with current legislation so there's no danger of missing any payments that need to be made to HMRC or refunds/deductions that need to be assigned to an employee's pay as a result of changes to legislation. All data transfer is protected to ensure the security of both your and your employees' information.

We cater for all pay periods from weekly through to 6 or 12 monthly and we have extensive experience in dealing with Construction Industry Scheme ("CIS") requirements from both the contractor and sub-contractor perspective.

We also offer a full Automatic Enrolment service which can be integrated with your payroll services ensuring that you are fully compliant from both a PAYE and AE standpoint.

For those clients who also use our accounting services there is of course also full integration and synchronisation of payroll and accounts.

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