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Accounts & Corporation Tax

Year-end accounts are financial statements that summarise a company's financial performance over a fiscal year. They typically include an income statement (often known as a profit and loss account) and balance sheet. These statements provide an overview of a company's financial health, including its income, expenses, assets, liabilities and equity.

Year-end accounts are important for several reasons. They can provide valuable insights into a company's financial performance, which can help management make strategic decisions. For limited companies, they have to be filed at Companies House (often in a shorter version of the full accounts) as well as HMRC . Sole traders and partnerships also have to prepare accounts but these are not on public record. Accounts may be used by investors, lenders, and other stakeholders to assess a company's financial position and make informed decisions.

Corporation tax is a tax on the profits earned by limited companies and certain other organisations. Corporation tax is calculated based on profits, adjusted for factors including disallowed expenses, depreciation and capital allowances.

Many companies work with us to ensure that they are complying with tax regulations and taking advantage of all available deductions and allowances. This can help minimise a company's tax liability and ensure that it is meeting its obligations under the law.

Benefits of using HJ for your accounts & corporation tax

avoid penalties and fines

get accurate information in a timely manner

reduce tax liability

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