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Quotes in Xero

Xero have really increased the pace of their product updates over the past year introducing a host of useful and innovative features. One of the key upgrades has been introduction of sales quotes to the platform.
Quoting is a critical function for businesses and having a professional, transparent, traceable process can significantly improve both revenue and customer satisfaction. It is now simple to create, send and track your quotes in Xero allowing you to respond quickly to new sales opportunities no matter where in the world you are. The sales dashboard provides an easy summary of quotes in progress, accepted or expired. You can monitor the future workload in your pipeline and ensure that you are adequately resourced to meet customer demand.
To save time you can base new quotes on previously saved quotes in the same way that you can with purchase orders and sales invoices, this provides huge time savings. With the online quote facility you can see when your customer viewed the quote. Customers can accept, decline or comment on a quote online and this immediately updates the sales dashboard in Xero. It is easy to attach additional plans, files and diagrams to quotes to bring them to life.
Once a quote has been accepted and the goods or services supplied you can create the sales invoice with a couple of clicks – simple.
Xero really do live up to their strap line of producing beautiful accounting software.
Whether you are a current Xero user looking to exploit these new features or you are wondering if Xero can help unlock the potential of your business please give Ged Hull a call on 01942760500.


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