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So, what is Dext?

Dext (formerly known as Receipt bank) extracts the key data from your bills, receipts and invoices and publishes it directly into your accounting software.

You can send in items in many ways (see button below). You can explore them in the ‘Add items’ tab of your Dext account.
Once items have been sent, they go through data extraction process. During processing, all the key data from the items will be extracted from the digital image of your item.
Once processing is finished, the items will be transferred to the 'Ready for Export' section of your 'Inbox'. From here, all the data can be downloaded as a CSV file, or published to a number of accountancy software packages with which Dext can be integrated. HullJady are partnered with and can offer many of these software packages and we will be happy to advise you on the best package to use to suit your specific requirements.
Once you have published or exported the items, they will be moved to your 'Archive' tab where they are kept for a minimum of 10 years. From here you can access them, and also print them off should you require a hard copy of your items.

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